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The Seven wonders of Sperlonga

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This Roman villa, of which the ancient division of the rooms is still recognizable, included a cave, a few meters from the sea, visible today, even from the east beach. The museum di Sperlonga houses precious sculptures in honor of Omero, commissioned by the emperor Tiberius and found in the excavations of the seventies.

2^Truglia Tower

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Ancient defense tower, has now become the symbol of Sperlonga. I invite you to take a picture of it … at night, during the day, at sunset, with the sun and with the rain it always keeps its suggestive charm!

3^The sea

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The crystal clear sea of ​​Sperlonga has been awarded the Blue Flag (an Italian award for the most beautiful and clean beaches) for more than 15 years. The beaches are very well equipped, with more than forty bath house at your disposal, and several beaches to choose from depending on your needs: the west and east beach, Bazzano and Lagolungo beaches.

4^The village

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Get lost in the alleys of the old town, and let yourself be captivated by the magic of our small village. Walking up and down, between typical shops and craft shops, you will discover panoramic spots that will give you splendid views of the sea.


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Not to miss anything, Sperlonga has also the lake, where you can go water skiing and other water sports in a fabulous frame.

6^The sunset

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Uno degli spettacoli più suggestivi che Sperlonga ci offre è senz’altro il tramonto sul mare;
quando il sole dopo averci riscaldato per tutta la giornata, stanco, va a riposarsi sul letto del mare e scomparendo
ci regala colori spettacolari, da gustare con le persone che amiamo.

Did you expect the seventh? It's Malakiri...of course 😛

Where to go to the beach and where to eat?

Dove andare al mare:

WEST BEACH: La Lanterna
Practically a stone’s throw from the B&B, so very convenient for those who don’t want to move.

BAZZANO’S BEACH: Bazzano Beach
One of the most beautiful beaches on the coast, music and cocktails party every Saturday and Sunday! Provides a shuttle service from the B&B to the beach on reservation.

LAGOLUNGO’S BEACH: Lido Il Selvaggio
A pristine beach is located a few kilometers from the center of Sperlonga, for those seeking tranquility it is the perfect place!

Where eat:

Pescheria con cucina
A stone’s throw from the B&B, exquisite ready meals to be enjoyed there or to take away, prepared by skilled and masterly!

Pizzeria Eden
For a light and tasty pizza, huge choice! Highly recommended!

Ristorante Laocoonte
A historic restaurant in Sperlonga, tradition and quality come together to create sublime dishes!

Ristorante Mudejar
Small place in high part of Sperlonga, special dishes with typical products, let yourself be amazed!

Ristorante Pizzeria Tropical
Excellent value for money, particularly suitable for families

Ristorante Pizzeria Il Vignale
Cozy and front of sea restaurant, excellent pizza!



Taxi service: if you need a taxi, the TAXI SERVICE company deals in Sperlonga, from Sperlonga to Fondi (Rail Station) and other, 24 hours, by reservationSinopoli Taxi service

Excursions by boat: to really discover Sperlonga, you have to experience its sea … on board equipped boats you will discover hidden place and spectacular caves! You can rent them or participate in guided tours, Navigando Sperlonga